Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Collection #1 by Zoe Chant

Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters Collection #1

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Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters Collection #1

Four sizzling paranormal romances from Zoe Chant’s bestselling Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifter series! Wealthy dragon shifters fall for their courageous curvy mates in a very special small town.

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate A BBW in search of adventure + a dragon shifter in search of a mate + a mishap on a mountainside = one sparkling and sexy story!

Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure, but she only found loneliness in new and different places. She thinks there’s no fairy tales left for a girl like her– until she gets stranded on a mountainside, and a gorgeous hero comes to her rescue.

Billionaire dragon shifter Gus Gray has all the treasure a dragon could desire, but even his hoard of glittering gold has lost its shine, with no mate to share it with. Can an ordinary princess and a lonely dragon find their happily ever after?

Beauty and the Billionaire Dragon Shifter A BBW who’s new in town + a dragon shifter who’s new to being human + a very confused dog named Mouse = one sexy fairy tale romance!

Curvy science teacher Becca Stafford has just moved to Gray’s Hollow for a new job. Over tea with the mayor’s wife, she soon learns the town’s biggest secret–it’s the home of two dragon shifters, the mayor and his brother Ilie. As soon as she meets Ilie, without so much as a true love’s kiss, he transforms into a gorgeous (and naked) man.

Billionaire dragon shifter Ilie Gray has lived as a dragon since he was a child. His mother always told him that someday he would meet a woman worth turning human for, but he never thought it would happen when he recognized his mate in a single glance. He also never thought that changing into a human might cost him the friendship of his dog Mouse. Becca seems happy with his human form, but can she love a man who still sometimes wants to be a beast?

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Christmas A curvy newlywed wife + a dragon shifter mayor + a small town Christmas celebration = one snowy, sexy holiday romance!

Cara Gray, formerly Cara Linley, is settling into life as the wife of a small town mayor who also happens to be a dragon shifter. She has just one problem: her first Christmas with her new husband. What do you give the billionaire dragon who already has everything–including your heart?

Gus Gray is the happiest of dragons: he has his mate, his hoard, and even a little dragonet on the way. But Christmas is coming, and he needs to give Cara a gift that a human will love. Can a dragon learn that there are things worth more than gold?

Choosing the Billionaire Dragon Shifters A BBW in a small town + twin dragon shifters in need of a mate to share + the most hotly contested mayoral election Gray’s Hollow has ever seen = one sexy story that’s a win/win/win!

Hannah Cole has been the Deputy Mayor of Gray’s Hollow for four years, and with the current mayor stepping down, she’s about to get a new boss. Twin dragon shifters Radu and Sorin Gray are coming back to town after years away. When Hannah finally meets the twins for the first time she’s stunned to realize that she’s destined for both of them, but it makes for an easy choice!

Sorin Gray first recognized his mate four years ago, when he saw a spirited and full-figured redhead running for mayor against his brother. She lost the election, but Sorin knew Hannah was meant for him–but he thought that meant his twin brother Radu was out in the cold. When they find out Hannah is meant for them both, it seems like their happily ever after is a sure thing–until Hannah finds out Sorin and Radu have been holding back, and she wonders if destiny leaves her any room to choose.

Radu and Sorin know they have to win their mate by letting her make her own choice, and they make sure she’s not the only one who knows she has options. Hannah’s vote is the only one they’re campaigning for, but what happens to an election when true love is on the ballot?


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