Golf for the other 80%: The answers to why you can’t improve by Jim Hartnett PGA

Golf for the other 80%: The answers to why you can't improve

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Golf for the other 80%: The answers to why you can’t improve

Most golfers have a difficult time improving at this challenging game. There are plenty of good golf books out there for players that are right handed and left eye dominant. Unfortunately, right handed left eye players make up about 20% of the golfing public and most golf books are written specifically for that minority.

This book will help you easily understood which eye is your dominant eye and how it should influence your swing mechanics. Right eye, right handed players need to swing different from the cross dominant players. Have you ever noticed how many players have a great practice swing and then swing at the ball in a totaly different motion? Their eye dominance has a lot to do with this dramatic difference. After reading thsi book you will have a better understanding of your swing and know how to improve your ball striking.

Do you think is just a fluke that great players like Sorenstam, Allenby, Appleby, Durant, Duvall, Stenson and many more have a different looking swing motion? Their swings look different because they are different and that is because they are right eye dominant. I have never seen a book written for the majority of players who are right handed and right eye dominant.
Starting in the early 1990’s I started to study this phenomenon called eye dominance and know in about 2 hours you can learn how your eye dominance effects your swing. If you switch to a golf swing that fits your eye domiance you will be amazed how much easier it is to play golf, hit better shots and lower your scores.


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