Ginger Snaps Back by Morgan Young

Ginger Snaps Back (Summer Heat Book 1)

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Ginger Snaps Back (Summer Heat Book 1)

The summer before college, Ginger Reynolds is trying to manage her temper, especially after spending the night in jail. Her waitress job at Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant is her only escape from an isolated summer, and she has the added bonus of working with her boyfriend and her best friend. Well, except for the fact that her boyfriend is acting like a complete tool and her best friend has become unapologetically evil. Not to mention the two of them have been keeping each other occupied with entertainment of the half-naked variety. 

Add in her cheating mother’s sudden return and ultimately, Ginger snaps. Luckily for her, a handsome
food critic has taken a special interest in margaritas and, incidentally, her ass. Although he’s clearly
ready to prove his affection, Ginger’s hesitant to return it. Is it because she’s not into him, or is it because he’s finally someone worth keeping around?

GINGER SNAPS BACK is hilarious, touching, and entertaining. It’s like a warm flour tortilla, possibly bad for you, but too tasty to resist. 


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