For a Ghost-Free Time, Call: Episode Three by Sean Kelly

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call: Episode Three

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For a Ghost-Free Time, Call: Episode Three

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call is an episodic supernatural adventure set in the emerald city of Eugene, Oregon which follows a young man, who–since he was a boy–has had the irritating ability to see ghosts all around him. Episode Three picks up the morning following the harrowing events of the previous installment.

Jared has been shaken by loss and doesn’t want anything to do with the ghastly forces that put him into his miserable state of self-doubt. However, a cry for help quickly breathes new life into his resolve and sets him on a path to finally do some good, real good, the kind he’d been pretending to offer gullible souls for so many years. Driven to figure out what’s causing the increase in supernatural disturbances, Jared strikes out on his own before realizing that he may need to repair a friendship that had started on the wrong foot and bring those who understand his abilities together so that he can try to be more than just a seedy, paranormal con man.

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call is a supernatural thriller written by up and coming Pacific Northwest author Sean Kelly (author of "The Drive Home: A Tale of Bromance and Horror" and co-founder of Emerald Inkwell, A Pacific Northwest Publishing Community) and this is the third chapter in an episodic series brought to you by Emerald Inkwell. Every city has their supernatural annoyances, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. Instead, for a ghost-free time, just call.


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