Getting Pumped: How to Heal Your Heart with EECP by Robert S. Rister

Getting Pumped: How to Heal Your Heart with EECP

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Getting Pumped: How to Heal Your Heart with EECP

By the time you have had seven percutaneous coronary interventions, eight angioplasties, and eight stents, you may decide “Enough is enough.” At least author Robert Rister did.

When a fourth doctor placed a fourth stent in the same segment of the same artery, a stent inside a stent inside a stent inside a stent, he asked what the doctor could do if the artery closed yet again.

“I will give you another stent,” the doctor replied. That’s when Rister asked for and got a referral for a non-surgical, no-drugs approach to healing the heart called enhanced external counterpulsation therapy, or EECP.

Getting Pumped: How to Heal Your Heart with EECP tells you how to access a tested, reliable, and FDA-approved method of building new arteries that most heart patients have never heard of. EECP stimulates the body to grow new blood vessels to route flow around most blockages. It has been FDA-approved since 1995. It is covered by insurance. It does not hurt. It requires no medications other than the medications you already take. The results of 35 hours of treatment usually last several years. Over 80 percent of patients who get EECP have little or no residual angina and sharply increased levels of energy in just seven weeks.

In Getting Pumped, Robert Rister shares the latest understanding of an incredibly effective method of treating heart disease that most doctors overlook. And he shares basic knowledge of this technique from the perspective of someone who has been there and come back healthier than ever before.


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