Georgian Misfits: Trilogy Box Set : An 18th Century Romance Series by Catherine Hudson

Georgian Misfits: Trilogy Box Set : An 18th Century Romance Series

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Georgian Misfits: Trilogy Box Set : An 18th Century Romance Series

The Delectable and Resourceful Esme Lefevre

Once upon a time, Esme could only imagine what the blissfulness of true love would feel like and then it happened.

At nineteen-years-old the tenacious Esme Lefevre arrives at Tamworth Hall to meet her father, Sir Peter Tamworth, a man she has never met before. Informed on her mother’s deathbed, he is her father; it is with much determination she sets out from Bristol to Oxfordshire to meet her new family.

Welcomed by Sir Peter, quickly Esme understands the life of the genteel Tamworth family is very much different to what she experienced through her life to that point. Situations alien, it is apparent it will be a steep learning curve for her. Esme, a young woman who faced much adversity in life, coming to find her father, is now faced with a new set of intriguing issues – etiquette, silk gowns and oh, the different seasons.

Beauty, charm and wit are characteristics that first draw the flirtatious dashing Francis Derward to Esme, attention she quickly seizes on. Attention though that proves to be problematic.

Then there is Christian Hayden, a young, handsome eligible man, a man who instantly is captivated by Esme but a man who is an enigma to her. Contradictory and rather direct in his words, clearly many secrets are held by him.

Will Esme ever understand the real Christian and the obstacles and challenges he faces? If she doesn’t? Will the happiness she desires slip through her fingers?

The Delightful and Resilient Verity Chilton

Can Verity have the happiness she craves for?

On the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death, twenty-year-old Verity Chilton is informed of something that shocks her to the core and makes her question her life. The life she knew suddenly changes, and it is up to her to change her destiny. Strong and resilient, and it is her time to prove her father wrong.

Arriving in London with her aunt, Lady Barrett-Jones, it is a chance meeting in a secretive gambling den that sends Verity in a direction in life she never thought she would be on. Her identity masked, her charm and beauty immediately draws the interest of Idris Talton, the son and heir of Lord Vanbrooke, the Viscount Vanbrooke.

The handsome, rather rakish Idris Talton is charm personified but like the delightful Verity, he holds a dark secret. Instantly he is captivated by her; Verity having turned his head like no other woman has.

Two lost spirits are drawn to each other, but through adversity, can they have the life they are both desperate for?

The Determined and Ravishing Poppy Milligan

A chance encounter changes Poppy’s life forever.

Hardworking and determined to succeed in a life that had given her limited odds of achieving what she was capable of. Poppy Milligan, on meeting Luke Talton, the rather fun and headstrong younger brother of Lord Vanbrooke, is offered an opportunity she can’t refuse. Travelling to Bath, the raucous spa city, to begin her new life, Poppy is optimistic about her future.

Quickly settling into her new life in the gambling club, Poppy gives it her all, wanting to impress and boy does she. That is the quiet but witty Poppy swiftly makes an impression on Luke. Drawn to her characteristics, too, her beauty, gentle Irish accent, topped with luscious golden locks grabs his attention.

Luke Talton? The devilishly handsome and charming gentleman club owner is a hit with everyone. In particular, his words and his fun demeanour draws Poppy to him. Frankly, it was inevitable their worlds would collide.

Deep attraction felt, but their lives are so different. Too different. He is expected to marry a lady of society and Poppy? Life doesn’t expect too much of her, though she has much to give. Are Poppy and Luke able to have the happiness each deserves? Or will a greater force steer them from their desired path?

Each story is a STANDALONE novel with NO CLIFFHANGER, and each is a STEAMY HISTORICAL ROMANCE set in the late 18th Century.


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