Gaslighting: Circular Conversations with the Narcissist by J.B. Snow

Gaslighting: Circular Conversations with the Narcissist

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Gaslighting: Circular Conversations with the Narcissist

Gaslighting is the circular conversations that you have where no one ever wins. It is the arguments that never end because there is no resolution that is satisfactory to the narcissist who never compromises. It is the projection of the narcissist’s deficits back onto you because he cannot take accountability for anything that he has ever said or done. It is the crazymaking, the name calling, the false accusations and the omission of the truth.
Gaslighting is the communication that never goes anywhere. It is the relationship talks that cause you to always feel like the ultimate loser. It is the way in which the narcissist always makes you feel like the crazy one, or the way he always projects to others that you are crazy when you are not diagnosed with any mental disorder. Gaslighting is the way the narcissist lowers your guard, makes you feel like the shmuck, and causes you to apologize to him for things that are his own fault.
A person who is subjected to gaslighting for any length of time will eventually become extremely mentally ill from it. They will lose their own grip on reality in the presence of the narcissist. They will become neurotic and jealous, constantly feeling as though they cannot trust the narcissist. They will pick fights where there were none, or become victim to the narcissist always blaming and shaming them for behavior that is normal and expected. The narcissist begins to change the reality of the normal person to the extent that the normal person eventually begins to see the world from the skewed lens that is the narcissist’s reality.
This book will teach you how the narcissist gaslights, why he gaslights, and what you can do about it. It will educate you on the mental deficits that are often present in the narcissist, the mind games that he was subjected to which caused his illness, and the negativistic world theories that he subscribes to that worsens his own narcissism.
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