Forbidden Pleasures: Erotica for Women by Laina Charleston

Forbidden Pleasures: Erotica for Women (For Your Pleasure Book 1)

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Forbidden Pleasures: Erotica for Women (For Your Pleasure Book 1)

Searching for a smokin’ hot read? If you’re into quick, dirty stories that guarantee a HAPPY ENDING and leave you moaning for more, then you’ve found the right author. If, however, you’re looking for a complex lengthy romance, then please take a pass on this one. These stories are as filthy as it gets and include uninhibited sex wrapped around a budding romance.

Good erotica gets you HOT! Great erotica gets you OFF!!! The For Your Pleasure series contains two panty-dropping, pants-tightening erotic short stories containing EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTS! Leave your inhibitions behind and lose yourself in a fantasy.

Griffin, the successful, debonair CEO of a multimillion dollar company thinks he has the world wrapped around his dominant little pinkie. He looks down on his domesticated friends and their bargain basement suits and sleep deprived eyes. He’s within striking distance of reaching the top of the company, so he bids his time, enduring the slow humiliation of fetching his boss’s whiskey at the corporate bar. However, this trip to the bar will be nothing like the ones in the past because he meets an alluring woman whom he uses for his sexual pleasure and then walks away without a backward glance. Little does he know that meeting her will change his trips to the corporate bar forever.

When Jason thinks about his favorite sexual fantasy, it always involves two hot college girls and a Friday night three-way. After working sixty plus hours a week, Jason Wagner has earned a Friday night stop at the local bar. Determined to have a few beers and dance a little, he’s completely got off guard when he sees the alluring Kristy and Stacy across the room. He boldly asks for a dance in the hopes dancing will lead to something more; maybe something where all three of them get naked. Lucky for Jason, Kristy and Stacy are looking to have a ménage with a hard-working man they pick up at their local watering hole. Always in support of higher education, Jason is more than willing to give them a helping hand, or any other body part they might need.


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