All Fired Up by Lashell Collins

All Fired Up (True Romance Rocker Series Book 2)

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All Fired Up (True Romance Rocker Series Book 2)

Don’t let the tattoos, black eyeliner and spiked hair fool you – Quick Silverman is not the dangerous bad boy he appears to be on the outside. A career musician who spent his youth chasing down the rock and roll dream, Quick finally has the brass ring in his sights, thanks to an invitation to join the band of a real rock legend. That one fateful decision brings more than just his ticket to stardom. It also brings him face-to-face with the woman of his dreams. The woman who could change everything, if he can only convince her to give him a chance.

Dr. Poppy Fields has it all – she’s beautiful, intelligent, and a partner at a prestigious Beverly Hills medical practice. On the surface, her life seems nothing less than charmed. But looks can be deceiving, and sometimes the people who appear to have it all together are the ones hiding the deepest kind of pain. Pain Poppy has spent a lifetime trying to bury and overcome. Pain that makes things like love and intimacy the scariest of monsters.

When her job sends her on tour with a rock and roll legend, Poppy is thrown onto a collision course with a man she finds both terrifying and seductive as sin. But if she lets her guard down long enough to give the sexy drummer a shot at her heart, she might just find that love and intimacy aren’t so scary after all.


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