Finding Love Through Fire 2 by Shaytrece

Finding Love Through Fire 2

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Finding Love Through Fire 2

After burying his nana, Mir vowed not to stop until he had eliminated all of his cousins. Justice, Libby, and DLo were going to be right by his side as he fought it out with the Overtons. Meanwhile, Mir and Justice prepared for the arrival of their baby girl, and Justice counted down each one of the cousins that came for Mir as they began to fall.

In the Gram’s household, not only had G-Man finally given in to love but so had Island. But with G-Man still treating his baby girl like a baby, her love life was complicated. Island was soon to be eighteen, and she felt mature enough to be on her own, but once her secret is revealed to G-Man, moving out became a wishful thought.

Throughout everyone’s chaos, Libby and DLo manage to add to their joy with the birth of their son DJ. With a new arrival in their world, it wasn’t easy, but as they would any other situation, Libby and DLo were ready to face all the uphill battles head on. From death, destruction, and lies, the Gram sisters and their men pulled together to once again protect the family.


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