Feenin’ for That Thug Lovin 3 by Mz. Biggs

Feenin' for That Thug Lovin 3

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Feenin’ for That Thug Lovin 3

Imani and Pierce are back as they try to make their love one worth bragging about. The only problem is, the people around them don’t want to see them happy and will stop at nothing to see them broken. This is a true testament of the saying, keep your enemies close, but your friends and family closer.

After finally being reunited with her grandmother and with Soulja hiding out, Imani thought she was finally going to get the life she deserved. Though she was prepared to receive endless amounts of love, her world will soon be turned upside down. But why?

Pierce wants nothing more than to protect Imani and show her that there is a such thing as real love, even though he didn’t believe it until he met her. However, with so many enemies surrounding him, preparing to take him out, he’ll have to do whatever he can to fight his way out of a mess that he never expected. Will Pierce get the chance to shower Imani with all the things she needs and so much more?

Soulja may be in hiding, but he and Quay were never far away. As he sees his woman getting closer to another man in a way that she once was with him, Soulja is prepared to take down any and everything moving to get Imani back. Will Quay and Soulja survive their reckless actions at the hands of Soulja?

No matter how much they try, Tariq and Trinity continue to struggle with making things right. Trinity loves Tariq more than she has ever loved anyone in her entire life, but the possibility of him fathering a child with someone else, leads her to a crossroad. Is Tariq th`at child’s father? Will Trinity give Tariq the chance to make things right between them?

The story continues to unfold in this finale of Feenin’ For That Thug Lovin. Follow Imani and the crew as they blaze through this exhilarating, drama-filled series to find out if lovin’ a thug is worth it in the end.


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