The Eye of the Rings: Historical Romance Book Collection by Carrie Browning

The Eye of the Rings: Historical Romance Book Collection

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The Eye of the Rings: Historical Romance Book Collection

Get THREE passionate historical romance short stories with a collection of 36 bonus romance stories inside!

Escape to the Highlands – Highlander Historical Romance

Maeve Weaver is a young English woman in the clutches of her greedy brother, Salazar. He plans to marry her off so that he can form an alliance and grow richer, but she wants nothing of the sort. She seeks to escape his abusive tirades and live her own life. With a bout of courage, she does just this.

When she is lost in the highlands, a man finds her and takes her to safety. Allstair Campbell is laird of a powerful clan of 400. He must find a wife to bare him children before the other clans see him as weak. When he finds young Maeve hurt and alone in the forest, he takes her in and protects her. They do not expect a beautiful love to blossom out of their encounter. When Maeve’s past catches up to her, love must conquer all to keep her and her new family safe.

Hearts of Dust –MFM Ménage Medieval Historical Romance

When Angus and Travis, notorious thieves and stagecoach raiders, see the fancy stagecoach with a lone female occupant of obvious wealth they think they have found an easy mark. They do not expect the pretty blonde to pull a gun on them and lock them up, nor do they expect her to recognize them and take them in for the hefty bounty that’s been placed upon their heads.

When Genevieve is mistaken for a famous bounty hunter, she thinks that her best chance at survival is to keep up the facade. But when one thing after another goes wrong, she realizes that her plans for the future are going to need a change. When they end up taking shelter in an abandoned farm house everything changes.

Will she be able to turn in infamous robbers, Travis “The Gentleman” Montgomery and Angus “The Dust Devil” Graves?

Falling for the Clan Leader – Highlander Historical Romance

Two formidable Highland families, Clan Douglas and Clan Fraser, have been at war for nearly two decades. Sophie, the youngest daughter of Clan Douglas, has never known anything but war in her nineteen years of life. She grew up hating the rival family, and this hatred only grows when she is captured by Callum Fraser, the oldest son in his clan and a man with a reputation for trouble.

He takes Sophie back to his family homestead to be held as a captor, but the more time they spend together, the more they realize just how similar they are. Sophie tries to fight her feelings for the impressive man, but all bets are off when she learns his surprising intentions for her. As the two give in to their temptations and begin a lurid affair, they must keep their relationship a secret or risk even more turmoil between their clans.

Will the two young lovers find happiness in the midst of war? Will their love help bring peace to their people?

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!


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