Exiled: A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller by James Scholes

Exiled: A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

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Exiled: A Sci-fi Adventure Thriller

When they came for him, he was with his wife.

Raki, a politician- corrupt, greedy, proud. Underneath the exterior he is a good man, and a leader- but he is nobody’s idea of a hero.

The man that took him? His name is Krator. The universe has seen men like him before. Even more corrupt, even more greedy, even more proud. But this isn’t the universe- it is a single planet, and a city made of steel.

Raki is powerless to prevent his fate: he is thrown into exile. Outside of the citadel’s protective dome, he will die.

It is cold. There is not enough oxygen. There is even less food.

As death comes for Raki, a figure emerges from the despair- for, even out here, there is a chance for life.

With life come hope.

With life comes vengeance.

With life comes death.

EXILED: an epic sci fi thriller set on the edge of the galaxy.

EXILED: a space opera of one man against an evil regime.

EXILED: a sci fi novel full of excitement and adventure.

Add EXILED to your sci fi kindle books collection today!


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