Ethereum Programming by Alex Leverington

Ethereum Programming

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Ethereum Programming

Key Features

  • Get the first ever book on Ethereum, the most popular framework to build Blockchain applications
  • Build powerful, real business applications in Blockchain
  • Learn with the aid of real examples, scenarios, and clear, demystifying explanations

Book Description

Ethereum is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. Using Ethereum, anybody can build reliable, decentralized applications and bypass dangerous single points of failure inherent within a central data store. As a transactional platform, you can use Ethereum to create applications of all kinds —crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, messaging, file sharing, smart contracts, and more. Ethereum blockchain applications are 100% reliable and secured with cryptographic integrity with no downtime and no possibility of tampering.

This book shows you how to build decentralized, resilient, unstoppable apps with Ethereum. We’ll start with the basics, what ether is and how to acquire and use it, what DApps are and how they’re relevant for developers and businesses of all sizes. Then we dive straight into examples that explore the concepts. Moving on, we’ll design and build powerful, unstoppable applications that use Ethereum for their state storage. Finally, you’ll see how to test and launch your app to provide resilient, unstoppable, reliable services to your users.

What you will learn

  • Understand the building blocks of blockchains and blockchain applications
  • Find out how to write and deploy powerful Ethereum smart contracts
  • Acquire the key Ethereum concepts to unleash the emergent potential of Ethereum
  • Understand the transformative power of blockchain technology for world commerce
  • Build and deploy real financial applications and implement autonomous finance
  • Work through the industrial use case tutorials such as IoT and supply chain management
  • Master smart contract development with the help of advanced blockchain tools and technologies
  • Explore the future developments of the field

About the Author

Alex Leverington has been a core contributor to the Ethereum project since its beginnings and has worked on network programming, Internet-scale architectures, applied cryptography and machine learning. He has made contributions to several open source projects, is an advisor to prominent Ethereum and Bitcoin companies and a co-founder of TBA.

  • First programmer hired by ETHDEV after ICO
  • Recipient of multiple Ethereum Foundation grants
  • Works closely with Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin
  • Advisor to Ethereum Foundation DEVGrants program
  • TBA: Advisor to Ethereum company
  • TBA: Advisor to Bitcoin hardware company
  • Issued patent for machine learning technology

Relevant Experience

  • Incubating R&D projects and startups
  • Worked with security advisors, compliance officers, and auditors for development of cryptographic systems and PCI compliance
  • Machine learning processes, methods, and algorithms
  • Telecommunications and low level network programming


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