End of Watch by Louis Scott

End of Watch (Sergeant Joe Boxer Series Book 4)

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End of Watch (Sergeant Joe Boxer Series Book 4)

Chapter 1

“Ready?” Ezra shouted.
“Do I have a choice?” My voice cracked as I yelled back.
The Sikorsky Black Hawk’s mighty engines ripped through the southern Arizona sky. This was either going down as some legendary Johnny Quest action or people would be mourning or praising our untimely demise—depending on which side of freedom you supported.
I cast a long gaze across the painted February desert. Pinks, blues and oranges appeared as lazy fingers painted across ancient western skies. Moving mountains rose mightily and sunk humbly as the horizon clicked along like a series of old movie picture frames flipping in the pages of a book.
Two other stealth military Black Hawks accompanied us. One on the port and the other on the starboard side. We formed the tip of a spear racing through the late afternoon. It was a very deadly spear.
I squinted through the shatterproof Oakley glasses. The blaring sun was begrudgingly surrendering to the dusk. It was cold as shit. We had to make our move before it set too low. We were approaching straight into it as cover—this mission would need every advantage possible.
I tugged at the nylon harness—secure.
I peered ahead through the UH60’s cockpit windshield. A razor thin black ribbon unrolled across a rugged terrain. It guided the path of this mighty machine. We dipped. I saw the cross tracks along the endless rails leading toward the horizon—our destiny.
“Time for the others to line up,” Ezra radioed. The chopper pilot jammed a thumbs up over her shoulder.
If I closed my eyes and imagined what I thought a SEAL should look like, it would be Ezra. He was always clean-shaven, with short hair. His steely eyes missed nothing. His six-foot frame was covered in sinewy muscle from hard operations and consistent physical training. He was Navy through and through.
My lips were bone dry. Except for the backwash from deep in my gut that would splash up each time turbulence rocked the chopper, I couldn’t get spit enough to speak. I grabbed Ezra’s sleeve and turned him toward me. We were cramped anyway—I wanted his full attention.
“You ever do this before?”
“Nope.” Ezra smirked.
“Even in training?”
Ezra shook his head side to side.
I collapsed into the bucket seat. I was always up for anything. Hell, I HALO jumped with these guys back in Afghanistan. But this was different.
“So we are going to hang from these choppers until we reach the top of the rail cars. And then we’re going to climb back into the third Black Hawk once we’ve disconnected the last three cars supposedly carrying deadly Rexon gas?” I asked in disbelief.
“Remind me why?”
Buck Combs leaned over. “Because, Boxer, we have to isolate the payload from the rest of the innocent commuters on that train. Once clipped off, we can take our time to secure the deadly compounds. If not, it detonates out here in the middle of nowhere.” Buck shot a salute. “See? Everyone is safe.”
I buckled my safety helmet. “Except us.”
“That’s why we stand at attention for the National Anthem. We believe.” Buck slapped his hand over his heart. A thud resonated thanks to his thick Kevlar vest and hazard materials suit.
I’d first met Buck Combs back in Afghanistan. A spitting image of his dad, my friend and fellow DEA Special Agent James Combs. Buck’s bright eyes always seem to peer through the backdrop of his dark skin. Not as covered with ripped muscle as Ezra—this young stud was still brick shit-house solid.
“Four minutes until go time.” The pilot’s voice was confident. Maybe she’d piloted this type of maneuver before.
“Roger,” I replied.
“There’s a giant bridge up ahead, so make sure you unlatch before we reach it,” she radioed.
“What?” I leaned out of my seat to press my head to the cargo bay window.
Ezra pressed against my shoulder. “She’s kidding, bro. Chill out.”
“Buck, you said he’d pee his panties. Did he? Pay up, sucka.” She broke squelch again.
I spun back to face Buck. His infectious smile was all I saw.


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