Elementally Yours: Love Behind the Lines series by Jay G Bee

Elementally Yours: Love Behind the Lines series

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Elementally Yours: Love Behind the Lines series

He’s a hard-core undercover detective; she works for a private company and was married to his best friend.

Years later, on the anniversary of the death of her husband, she ends up smashed in a seedy bar. He vows that this is the
last time he will rescue her and for an encore rips her a new one. She hits an all-time low and her self-esteem is shredded.
Can she rely on him to be there to help her to pick up the pieces?

Then life throws her another wicked twist – his undercover job demands he move interstate with no way to communicate with her.

Abandoned again, she tries to carry on by becoming a workaholic and meeting new friends. The separation anxiety is finally
easing its deathly grip when she gets “that” phone call. He has been shot. Now despair and fear totally engulf her?

Can they maintain their friendship or have they blown it by taking it beyond BEST FRIENDS?


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Livro bobo, facil de ler, história levemente interessante, suficiente pra não me fazer desistir ao menos. Nada demais no entanto.

Very good book. I could not put it down.


very good, an amazing book that’s gives your heartstrings a tug! makes you want to grab the next book off the shelf right away.

Enjoyed it a lot, not going to lie, didn’t mind have a cheeky gander into this great read!

Meh. Enjoyable.


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