Double Standard School: Stories 61-70 by KC Crozetti

Double Standard School: Stories 61-70

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Double Standard School: Stories 61-70

The state legislature has extended Double Standard School’s rules to every state-funded facility, including Baldwin and Central Colleges. Now, all the young men can ‘enjoy’ the benefits of revealing nude swimming with coeds, embarrassing hygiene inspections by nurses and their assistants, and humiliating corporal punishments by their superiors. When the men protest against their unfair treatment, their situations only get worse.

Story 61: CFNM, Live from DSS
Amber Sarkozi hosts a talk show discussing  the new laws.
Story 62: Move-in Day at Central
Toby receives an invasive health check in front of his future mother-in-law.
Story 63: The Mighty Bulldogs Tour the Y
Freshmen experience the new ‘no-swimsuit’ rule.
Story 64: Coach Black Shows His Pride
Coach Black learns the hard way that the new rules apply to faculty as well as students.
Story 65: Double-Duty Delight
Alan has an unexpected double date with Amanda and a friend.
Story 66: Phil’s First Day Fiasco
Has anyone had a worse first day of college than Phil?
Story 67: Trying Out the Nurses
Four Central College nursing-assistant applicants practice on DSS juniors.
Story 68: Panty Raid Parade
The Baldwin College men’s swim team raids the women’s locker room..
Story 69: Alien Intrusion
A DSS theatrical play is used to punish Central College sophomores.
Story 70: Down-Under Discipline
Nude streakers are punished by DSS’s new Australian Arts professor


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