Discoveries at Osprey Cove by Luisa Marietta Gold

Discoveries at Osprey Cove (The Osprey Cove Lodge Series Book 6)

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Discoveries at Osprey Cove (The Osprey Cove Lodge Series Book 6)

The secrets of Jackson Byrde have been hidden far too long. It’s time for at least some of them to be discovered. The first discovery has revealed a startling revelation about this mysterious man. But this unveiling has not come without cost. Eva’s fears have intensified. She is afraid to be alone at the ranch.
Doug and Sal have made it to Bonaire, but something extraordinary and unexpected happens after they arrive. Have they made a discovery of their own?
Billy’s worst fears have been realized. His hitchhiking attempt has gone awry. He now finds himself in a terrifying situation in the hands of a predator. And he is surprised to find that he is not the only victim being held in the clutches of this villainous man. Will he discover the strength and ingenuity to escape before it’s too late?
Back in Boston, Ellen and Jenna have begun their new lives, putting thoughts of Doug behind them. Circumstances result in Jenna spending time at The Osprey Cove Lodge. Being there creates an unusual development that even she does not understand. Ellen and Tom’s relationship continues to grow, and a clear path to a happy future together is coming into view. And then, out of nowhere, they are hit with a bombshell that neither of them saw coming.
In Chicago, Amber is devastated by the unthinkable actions of her mother. Will Michael’s detective help them find her precious items? What her mother has done has caused Amber to suffer a setback in believing she can become part of Michael’s world. Will she be able to rebound and convince herself she is worthy of being Mrs. Michael Gregstone?
Margaret embarks on a surprising new adventure in Key West, and she has invited someone to go along for the ride. Have we discovered a new side of Margaret?
At The Osprey Cove Lodge, spring has arrived at the cove, and with it the changes it brings each year. Inside the lodge and the lives of Catherine and Alex, there are also changes going on, some unexpected. Guests are pouring in, wedding decisions are underway, and unplanned personnel changes are happening. Catherine is delighted when another friend decides to visit so soon after Emma has left. Enjoy the world of The Osprey Cove Lodge and its mystery, romance, and intrigue, as you enter its doors through Discoveries at Osprey Cove, the sixth book in The Osprey Cove Lodge series.

He got the boy through the narrow opening he had made in the door. It was pitch black outside and frigid. Like himself, the boy had nothing on but a shirt. Billy tried not to think of the cold, how much his arm hurt, or the ache in his shoulder from carrying much of the boy’s weight. They stumbled into the darkness being aided only by the small amount of light the moon was providing. They finally got out of the clearing that surrounded the house and into the woods. Billy felt the need to stop and rest and try to get his bearings. He tried to remember which direction would take them to the main road without getting on the dirt path that they had driven in on. He knew his best chance of getting away undetected would be to stay in the woods. He was struggling with the need for rest and the knowledge that the man could wake up at any minute. He knew that as soon as the old man saw that they were gone, he would chase after them. Billy couldn’t go very fast with the burden of helping the other boy. But he was thankful for the darkness.


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