Design Your Own Word Puzzles And Grids From Many Fields by Anne Hart

Design Your Own Word Puzzles And Grids From Many Fields

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Design Your Own Word Puzzles And Grids From Many Fields

You can make your own crossword, free form, and other types of word puzzles and create your own grids by yourself or with various puzzle-designing software. Or you can use words from any occupation, field of interest, or topic to design your own word puzzles, grids, and any other art form where you will insert words in whatever direction you choose in your word puzzle or other word game. Designing and creating word puzzles is like weaving, knitting, and crocheting with language and definition in patterns that form words and meanings. When you design, create, and solve a word puzzle, you feel that you’ve exercised that verbal reasoning part of you. Of course, puzzles can be created with numbers, images, and other markings besides words or letters, in any language.

Create your own word list—perhaps 100 to 400 words, and, if you use software to design various types of grids or other tables, the software will incorporate your words into a newspaper style puzzle. Or select a freeform word puzzle and use only your own word list.

It’s fun, and stimulating for the mind. Designing and working out crossword puzzles is one of the best ways to exercise and stimulate your mind. It’s one way along with exercise and good nutrition of keeping the aging brain in shape. It’s also fun.

Try your hand at humorous puzzles or puzzles on one subject such as medical terminology, anthropology, genetics, people and places, foods, cities of the world, or your special interest area. However you design and/or solve numerous crossword puzzles, you’ll learn one more way to enhance memory and creative expression.

Word or number games and puzzles, reading, writing creatively and analytically, or conversation may be the best methods for keeping the mind sharp. Use it or lose it applies to memory. And crossword puzzle design or solving is one excellent way to begin to sharpen and focus.


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