Defeat It!: A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life by Burgado Dali

Defeat It!: A Woman's Guide To Crushing Life's Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life

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Defeat It!: A Woman’s Guide To Crushing Life’s Challenges And Finally Living The Fit Life

I felt defeated. I over ate. I gained weight. But then something clicked.

Do you wish something would just click for you and all the pieces would magically come together so you can get to your best version of you?

Are you working on defeating fear, past failures, negative self-talk, unhealthy eating patterns, the lack of motivation to make a change, the anxiety with going to the gym, or defeating putting yourself second instead of first?

Defeat It! is NOT just a fitness book.
It’s NOT just a nutrition book.
It’s NOT just a mindset book.

Defeat It! IS a transformation ROAD MAP. It’s a woman’s guide to self-inspiration, solutions, and how to overcome life’s challenges through self-reflection. This book engages you to think about who you are, what’s possible, and what needs to change for you to defeat what holds you back from living your healthiest life.

Whether you struggle with food, mindset, exercise, unhealthy habits, or spirituality, Defeat It! will help you think about your current situation and provide different strategies to help you defeat your “it”! Your free Defeat It! transformation workbook is included or available for download! What will you defeat today?!

What Other’s Say About Dali’s Defeat It!

“Before starting this program, I was basically a couch potato with depression, low self-esteem, and poor eating habits. Now I’m going to the gym working out 3 to 5 times a week, making better eating habits, and I stopped drinking soda (sprite was my addition was consuming 6 pack a day). I have increased my water intake from 16.9 oz. to 102 oz. I feel more confident. I no longer allow my inner fears of shame and judgement hold me back from going to the gym, because I was wanting to live my life again. I enjoy laughs with friends when working out together. I’m proud of myself in making the right choice in choosing a trainer. Being larger it takes a lot of emotions to overcome when working out in public especially in a gym. Dali broke me down to not hide in shame and fear but to SHINE.” – Tina Walker – Client

DALI BURGADO fully launched Dali Burgado Fitness in 2016 after giving birth to her third child and shedding 33 lbs. in the 12 weeks post-baby. After becoming her heaviest in her first trimester, Dali defeated fear, depression, and self-doubt get to a healthy weight well into her last trimester and within 9 months post-partum lost a total of 40 lbs. She tells her story and the stories of four other women who defeated negative body image, excuses, past failures, and negativity. Her near-death accident in 2012 motivated her to become a fitness expert and live her healthiest. Dali holds three current fitness certifications through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT): Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist and Certified Group Fitness Instructor.


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