Deepfire: A Jack Scarlet Adventure by Dan McGirt

Deepfire: A Jack Scarlet Adventure

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Deepfire: A Jack Scarlet Adventure

Danger waits beneath the waves…

A desperate call for help propels action ace Jack Scarlet to the Gulf of Mexico to stalk a sea monster, battle an army of ruthless mercenaries, outwit a scheming dictator, and find a vanished research ship and the sexy scientist who disappeared along with it.

Jack Scarlet and adventuring partner Galahad plunge into the deep end of trouble when their search leads to a mysterious offshore drilling platform controlled by a sinister energy company — and then to the secretive island republic of San Marcos, whose president has plans to topple the world order. That’s bad enough.

But the greatest danger lurks beneath the sea, where an ancient power man was not meant to disturb is now awake — and angry. Is the kraken a myth from old sea stories, or is it real? Jack and Galahad are about to find out in a nautical adventure that may be their last.

Heroic genius inventor Jack Scarlet loves to test himself and his creations against the most extreme challenges. But this time he may be in over his head, and not even Jack’s sentient super-yacht, railgun pistol, and other death-defying gadgets may be enough to save the day.

If you like fast-moving, action-packed stories with a sense of humor, you’ll love Dan McGirt’s new hero thriller.

Buy Deepfire: A Jack Scarlet Adventure to join the adventure today!

More About Jack Scarlet
Jack Scarlet is a 21st century hero inspired by the tradition of pulp hero thrillers, suave super-spies, and men’s adventure stories, with a science fiction spin. Jack is a danger-loving billionaire scientist and inventor, trained to physical perfection, and dedicated to solving the strangest mysteries, seeking out the biggest challenges and taking down the worst villains. His international adventures are fast-moving, action-packed, and never ordinary.

Call it new pulp, call it superhero fiction without the costumes — whatever you call it, Jack Scarlet Adventures promise madcap action, modern pulp thrills, and relentless over the top excitement. The adventure begins…now!


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