The Dash Between by Richard Colyer

The Dash Between

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The Dash Between

When Mr. Colyer taught literature, he often told personal stories that had some bearing on what his students were studying. His students loved these stories as he often heard “Mr. Colyer, tell us another story!” So when he retired, he decided to record these stories so his progeny would know more about him than what was on a tombstone—name, birthdate, death date, and the dash between. This book is his dash between. 1942–?

Richard Colyer had three goals as a teacher: to entertain, to educate, and to inspire. He figured that if he entertained his students, he would get their attention; and if he got their attention, he could educate them; and if he educated them, perhaps he could inspire them as well. Those same three goals are attempted in this story-telling autobiography—to entertain, educate, and inspire the reader. Much twentieth-century history is revealed in this book, and Mr. Colyer has provided some commentary on the significance of some of these events as he has interpreted them. It is his hope that as people read this, they will be inspired to write their own “dash between.”


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