The Darkest Hour by D.L. Dotstry

The Darkest Hour

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The Darkest Hour

"Sounds like a trap."
"I am trapped."
"Trapped between suffering for a lifetime and suffering for an eternity."

All alone,in a dark,damp hotel room with only a bottle of whisky and a notebook, is where we find our protagonist,surrounded by his inner demons. He completely cuts himself off from his friends,loved ones, and the outside world with no way of contacting him before he decides to do the unthinkable: Take His Own Life.

Faced with the most difficult decision he has ever had to make, he takes a journal and chronicles his last hour alive before accepting his fate. In his final hour, he questions his upbringing,his religion and every life choice he’s made that has led him to this point: Literally at the edge of the cliff, barely hanging on to his sanity and his life,fighting for his survival.

In a race against time to save his own life, will he come to a revelation that can save his life


Will he succumb to the darkness?


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