The Dark Side Of Red: An Extreme Horror Novel by Sam West

The Dark Side Of Red: An Extreme Horror Novel

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The Dark Side Of Red: An Extreme Horror Novel

Every city has a red-light district. Every big town has a notoriously seedy street. Porn is readily available to all on the Internet. But sometimes, this isn’t enough for a certain type of person.

‘The Dark Side of Red’, commonly known as ‘The Dark Red’ is a whisper on the lips of perverts. It is phrase that only a select few understand. It is for those who find normal pornography ‘not enough’. For those who want more, those who want it darker, want it nastier.

The urban legend goes that ‘The Dark Red’ is also a real place. A place where the darkest, most deviant sexual desires are catered to. Where agony and sexual ecstasy are interchangeable. Where love and compassion come to die.

But you don’t find The Dark Red. The Dark Red finds you. This is the story of two women, a hairdresser and a freelance journalist. This is their story of how The Dark Red found them…

‘The Dark Side of Red’ is Sam West at his most disgusting, his most horrific, his most vile and his most debased.


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