Curse of Cain by Conner Kressley

Curse of Cain (Immortal Mercenary Book 2)

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Curse of Cain (Immortal Mercenary Book 2)

My name isn’t Callum Coldwell, but that should really be the least of your concerns.

Turns out the world is ending and- just like with the beginning of this spinning blue rock- yours truly is getting a front row seat to the action. As if that wasn’t enough, I know the identity of the little girl who’ll soon be responsible for the End of Days, and she happens to be the daughter of the woman I’m sweet on.

So, with all this going on, you’d think a disembodied voice directing people to come after me would be small potatoes. You’d be wrong though, because it’s just the warning shot of a war I had no idea was going on. A demon from my past is rearing his head, pulling on memories I didn’t know I had, and setting up an assault that I’ll never see coming.

Now is not a great time for my dearly departed brother to suddenly stop speaking to me or for a band of gypsies bent on vengeance for a crime I didn’t even commit to come looking for blood, but both those things have happened. The world is at stake, evil forces are circling the wagons and, by the end of it, I might find I’m not the only person in all of this who’s been cursed.


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