CRUSH by Nikki Wild

CRUSH (A Hounds of Hell Motorcycle Club Romance)

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CRUSH (A Hounds of Hell Motorcycle Club Romance)

The one thing he can’t have is the only thing he wants.

So when I’m saddled with taking care of Chrissy Falcone, daughter to a Vegas mafia don, my first instinct is to turn the job down. She’s beautiful and all, and she’s been through a hell of a tragedy, but I’m no good with women outside the bedroom.

Of course, you can’t just say no to Nicky Falcone, and if I do, it’s the Hounds of Hell that’ll pay.

I can’t let down my brothers. But according to her daddy, I can’t touch Chrissy either.

Something’s got to give, because that girl is under my skin. And now I want her to be under me.


Home was the last place I ever wanted to see again.

But after a night at the club turned into hell on earth, there’s only one person I can go to for protection: my father, the most dangerous Mafia boss the states have seen in twenty years.

Except he’s passing the buck, leaving me in the care of a stranger. A biker named Crush. He’s one of the Hounds of Hell. Because that’s what I needed in my life—more flames.

Is that what makes him so hot? Because Crush has it all. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Deadly. And when we’re close, I’m not so sure that’s his gun pressing against my thigh.

He’s supposed to keep me safe. But Crush is turning out to be the most dangerous man I’ve ever known… and I like it.

Crush contains some special extras from Nikki Wild!


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