Crimes of Vampires by Melanie Toro

Crimes of Vampires

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Crimes of Vampires

Three vampire tales…

When a reporter heads out to a story on the Goth rock band called Black Chalice, he discovers that the band’s lead singer looks a lot like the lead from a band from the 1960s called The Savvys.

Researching further, he comes upon a photo from a jazz ensemble from the 1920s called Easy Street. The lead singer once again bares an uncanny resemblance to the woman from Black Chalice.

Is this a case of extraordinary coincidences of multiple doppelgangers throughout time?

Or is she a vampire?

Hannah and Abbie are best friends barely making ends meet while working as waitresses. The economy is shrinking in their small town and they can barely afford their studio apartment. They find out that the kindly old woman that owns the restaurant where they work is sitting on a million dollars cash in a safe. The two young women plan to rob the restaurant of the money but they soon discover the old woman is a vampire who does not take kindly to thieves.

Victor was a vampire that has been cured. He returned to a normal life, free from the lust for blood and killing. He isn’t cured of his desire for women, however, and becomes smitten when he meets the beautiful Ellie. When she refuses his advances, he must decide whether or not to accept her rejection or once again call upon his vampiric powers to get what he wants.


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