Convoys of War: A John Mason Kemp omnibus by Philip McCutchan

Convoys of War: A John Mason Kemp omnibus

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Convoys of War: A John Mason Kemp omnibus

The first three books in Philip McCutchan’s bestselling John Mason Kemp thriller series are now available in this special collective edition.


In the early stages of the Battle of the Atlantic, a vital convoy of ships leaves war-torn Britain for Halifax, Nova Scotia seeking much-needed supplies and Canadian troops.

Amid sudden tempests and the constant threat of German U-boat attacks, Commodore John Mason Kemp must make split-second decisions which can mean lives saved or lost.

As the convoy picks its way through submarine-infested waters, this journey will prove to be the commodore’s most difficult yet…


World War Two, North Cape.

Commodore John Mason Kemp and his crew are sent on a top-secret mission – to capture a German and get him to talk, or else hand him over to the Russians.

When van Hagen – Kemp’s captive and friend – passes on some valuable information, Kemp’s own trust and the trust of his crew are put to the test.

With the convoy under constant attack, impending illnesses and torpedo fire, can he keep control of his crew, follow orders and still save his friend…?


Having set sail once more from Australia, Kemp fears the worst when he learns that a ship carrying his son has sunk.

Meanwhile, suspicions are raised on his own ship when a German sailor seems to recognise one of their own. Struggling to keep his men in check and alive, Kemp longs for the comfort of his family.

Things only get worse when their ship is taken over by Nazis, and he fears that he will die without ever finding out the truth about his son. Is this the end of the road for Kemp…?

Praise for Philip McCutchan

"A nautical war buffs feast…[McCutchan] keeps an authoritative hand on the wheel and his descriptions of battles at sea ring with laconic truth." — The New York Times Book Review

"The military-series genre hasn’t a finer craftsman than McCutchan." — Publishers Weekly

‘A gripping page-turner.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade-Off.

Philip McCutchan served at sea in the Royal Navy throughout World War II. From destroyers on Atlantic and Mediterranean escort duties, to a battle-cruiser, a battleship and an ocean boarding vessel, he ended his war service in an aircraft-carrier. His interests include naval and military affairs prior to 1946.


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