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The Choice (Box Set)

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The Choice (Box Set)

The Ultimate 10-book Billionaire Romance Collection!


Unleash your inner fantasies with this collection of your dreams.

This 400,000-word collection includes 10 steamy hot Bad Boy Billionaire Romance, plus 45 spicy BONUS romance short stories that are guaranteed to satisfy and make you blush!

1) The Choice
2) One Night Stand
3) The Wedding Plan
4) The Mafia’s Girl
5) Her Twin Billionaires
6) The Live-Ins
7) Outlaws of Love
8) Her Dream Come True
9) Taming the Billionaire’s Heart
10) The Date

1) The Choice
Hugh and Guy are friends and business rivals. Everything is a competition to them – including Marceline, the sweet, sexy waitress who knows nothing of their world of wealth and extravagance.

Marceline doesn’t know what to think about all the attention that these guys are showering over her – they’re gorgeous billionaires who could have anyone in the world! She can’t stop thinking about either of them, even though she knows that she shouldn’t. She’s well aware that they’re both very dangerous, and way out of her league…But when a night of arguing takes an unexpected twist, their relationships are threatened, leaving them all wondering… did they make the right choice?

2) One Night Stand
When Blair catches her boyfriend of four years cheating on her with his secretary (urgh, what a cliché!), she heads out to drown her sorrows. That’s where she meets the elusive Mr. Evans.

Jason is exploring his new city before his big business take over, when he stumbles across the weeping Blair. What starts off as a night of fun, quickly turns into a steamy night of passion. When Blair heads into work the following morning, still a little hungover and embarrassed by her irrational behavior, she’s horrified to be faced with her new boss – Jason Evans.

How did her one-night stand, turn into a never ending nightmare? And why is she suddenly feeling sick all the time…?

5) Her Twin Billionaires
If Sawyer Bay is the crown jewel of South Carolina, then the Nelson family owns it. The Nelson family has done well to build up a nice nest egg for the future generation of Nelsons. The non-identical twins, Andrew and Jacob, are will inherit the resort, but when their father contracts a deadly illness, it is up to their estranged childhood friend, Bailey, to step in and remind them of the bond they once shared. Can Bailey find a way to unite the twins, or will her sudden reappearance be the wedge that further drives them apart?

For a limited time, this collection includes 45 HOT bonus short stories for your reading pleasure!

This is a collection of steamy hot billionaire romance, ideal for fans of Ellie Danes, J.S. Scott, Kelly Favor, Cassie Cross and. Sarah J. Brooks.


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