Chilling Haunted Houses: 4 Book Haunted House Set by Blair Shaw

Chilling Haunted Houses: 4 Book Haunted House Set

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Chilling Haunted Houses: 4 Book Haunted House Set

Haunted House Boxset! GRAB ALL FOUR Haunted House Stories for one GREAT PRICE!!! Huge Temporary Discount!

Get these 4 COMPLETE stories in one volume.

1. The Haunting of Palmer House
Elderly Eloise Ratcliff Palmer desperately wields the burning candle at her assailant, sending him crashing to the floor. Frantic, she turns to fight off the second thug, but her luck has run out. She dies at his hand, and the truth of her tragic fate and her lost fortune are forever buried at Palmer House.
More than a century later, Noel and Brianna nab the stately old Palmer House for a song. They quickly set about opening their antique jewelry story in its first-floor rooms. But things don’t go well. Within hours of moving in, Brianna sees visions of a tortured old woman. Noel puts it down to her pregnancy hormones and the stress of the move. But Brianna knows better. Her visions become more and more violent, and she’s terrified for her own health and the health of her unborn baby.
The old woman won’t let Brianna go…
Brianna’s actions become frantic as she tries to save herself. But the ghost has singled her out, and she can’t escape…

2. The Haunting of Morgan House
The vicar has done horrible things. Unspeakable things. Evil things. His secrets are buried deep in the basement of Morgan House, where they’ve been undisturbed for over fifty years.
Until now…
Iris Walker doesn’t want to move to England. She’s happy where she is. But Owen forces his hand, dragging her across the ocean. But that’s not the worst of it. He’s invited his witch of a mother to live with them.
At Morgan House, Iris takes refuge in the basement where mysterious things quickly begin to happen. Unexplainable things. Terrifying things that have Iris fearing for her life…
But Owen refuses to listen. He’s got his own agenda, and it doesn’t include her. Finally, when she can stand it no more, Iris attempts to flee.
But neither the ghosts nor Owen are willing to let her go…

3. The Haunting of Russell House
Russell House harbors more than secrets. Decaying bones lie within its walls.
Liam Russell made one mistake. One tiny mistake. And it was the maid’s fault. Hadn’t she tempted him beyond reason with her beauty and innocence? He couldn’t resist her. And what blasted rotten luck that his odious mother-in-law had caught him in the act. Liam drops his head in his hands. He’d had no choice. The woman had to be dealt with—otherwise, she would have flapped her gums to everyone.
Decades later, Georgia Allan escapes her lying, gambling husband and flees to England, directly to Russell House. Her uncle has died, and she has agreed to clear out the house and assess its worth. She and her cousin Maggie get right at it, but strange things immediately occur. Georgia tries to explain them away, but when a spirit temporarily takes over her body, both she and Maggie know it’s real and something horrible is happening. Secrets are whispered in Georgia’s ear, leading the two cousins to a horrifying discovery.
Strangely, Georgia also hears words about her husband. But what could he possibly have to do with it?

4. The Haunting of Cooper House
How can Lara Cooper’s father be dead? She hadn’t even known he was sick. Now, she’s responsible to travel to England to make his funeral arrangements and to take care of his estate—mainly the formidable Cooper House, which a local TV show claims is haunted.
For the proceeds offered, Lara agrees to allow the TV crew of Ghost Guys to monitor supernatural events inside Cooper House. She considers it easy money. After all, she doesn’t believe for a minute that the place is haunted.
Until she three dead bodies convince her otherwise. What other harrowing secrets does the house hold? And what’s this ab


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