Children’s Book : Ninja Pug by Amma Lee

Children's Book : Ninja Pug (3): All-Out Attack (Dog, Ninja spy , Ninja vs Ninja, Book for kids ages 9 12)

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Children’s Book : Ninja Pug (3): All-Out Attack (Dog, Ninja spy , Ninja vs Ninja, Book for kids ages 9 12)

Jiro and Luna are back in the third installment of the Ninja Dogs series in “All-Out Attack,” where they plan to put an end to Monukuma’s dubious ploys. This time, they will have the help of Ryoichi, Hanzo’s grandson, who wants to make amends for everything that he’s done under Monukuma’s mind control. After taking several weeks off from tracking down and defeating Monukuma, Jiro, Luna, and Ryoichi find themselves in a time-crunch. After going back to the hotel where Monukuma hurt Hanzo, Jiro, Luna, and Ryoichi learns that there is one more culprit in on Monukuma’s plan. Our three heroes will face obstacle after obstacle, but Jiro, the ninja pug leader, will keep Luna and Ryoichi on their toes. In “All-Out Attack” will Jiro, Luna, and Ryoichi put an end to Monukuma’s plan of world domination, or will they be dominated by Monukuma’s power?


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