Case By Case: Sales Tactics for the Medical Device Rookie by Jeremy Neenan

Case By Case: Sales Tactics for the Medical Device Rookie

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Case By Case: Sales Tactics for the Medical Device Rookie

If you want to be instantly successful from the moment you set foot in your new territory, then this is the ONLY book you will have to read.


•The journey of which you are about to embark is a long, arduous test of your wits, character, and perseverance. If you aren’t prepared for the challenge, failure is guaranteed!

•You are moments away from setting foot in one of the most technologically advanced environments on our planet. Can you speak the language?

•The human body is complex, and the Medical Devices you are selling require you to teach surgeons to implant them properly. If you make a mistake, it could COST money, time, or even a human life!

• There are several steps involved that are required for a device rep’s completion of a successful case. Do you KNOW what they are?

•This is more than just a book. It’s a collection of my personal, hard won experiences as a medical device rep across four states in the Gulf South.

•Learn how to Sell at the Scrub Sink, close deals in front of your competitor’s face with class in the OR during a surgery, and REALLY OWN your Time Management!

• Powerful information that will show you how to EASILY make over 100K per year.

•ANATOMY, ANATOMY, ANATOMY. How, knowing your landmarks will grant you instant credibility with the surgeon.

•Profiling your surgeons: Keeping a dossier on your target docs, and knowing them better than their co workers..

•Taking specialty courses for continuing education at credible institutions that increase your Marketability.

Almost 50% of reps fail within the first three months of entering their territory because they just didn’t have the tools necessary for success. This book will be the ONLY tool you will need to survive your first year in the surgical suite.

So what are you waiting for?

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