CAPE FLATS KARMA: Biography Of A Coloured Seed by Earl Albert Mentor

CAPE FLATS KARMA: Biography Of A Coloured Seed

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CAPE FLATS KARMA: Biography Of A Coloured Seed

To write about our situation in marginalised communities in South Africa and our distinct history as "people of color" has always been, a controversial matter in South Africa. Herewith my story, based on personal experience and observation as an active community development worker for more than 18 years. An activist, mentor and personal transformational coach. My story is of the make and break of my people in marginalized communities through my own personal lens living and working in and around the Cape Flats and Townships areas in Cape Town, South Africa.

This book strongly identifies with the Coloured people – our broader habits and world view. My story might not have tangible results – but does hopefully, result in an improved understanding of the society in which we as people have to live in our high-risk communities, beset with social ills. An apartheid relic.
The stories in this book are based on my personal life and overall perspective from which I see and interpret my world, living and working on the Cape Flats and Township areas in Cape Town, South Africa. This is my collection of beliefs about my life and the universe held by an individual – me.

This book contains stories, personal quotes and worksheets to hopefully give the reader a broader perspective of the world than you would otherwise have, when looking at high risk communities on the Cape Flats/ Township areas in Cape Town as a stepping stone towards knowing your worth and value in order to advance in life. I hope to help expand your view, your big picture, your understanding of the world in these marginalized communities in order to find essence in your existence.

I often write about real-life issues. I do this because I want you to understand how I use my personal education to find a way to realise what it is to know your worth and value. This Book does not help heal the world if I do not share what I know. That would be greedy. I write because I believe we need to know our worth and value as a people living in high risk communities in South Africa. Ultimately, I write because I believe it is better to teach you to fish than to give you a fish.


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