Caged And Bound by Daniella Wright

Caged And Bound

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Caged And Bound

Caged And Bound: A Steamy Collection Of Three Alien Abduction Romance Stories + Bonus Books

Each story can be read in under two hours. Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!

This Collection Includes:

Taken By A Monster

Adrianna Summers: A young woman with a big heart who made a lot of bad choices in her youth. She’s wise, though, and very adept at adapting to her surroundings and different situations. She isn’t timid, and far from weak, but she is terrified of one person: Robert Foster.

Adrianna knew Robert Foster from her youth. They were young lovers, and at one point, she loved him dearly. He got into the bounty hunting business, however, and began down a dark, seedy path that Adrianna knew would destroy her.

She makes a break from him, leaving him when he and his crew are ambushed by a rival gang of bounty hunters, taking one of his space ships and fleeing.

Collared By The Warrior

Kara Nolan is on the mission of a lifetime. Sent to explore the vast depths of space and collect samples for further study, it’s the first expedition she gets to lead on her own accord; at least, for the most part. She would be somewhat happier if her ex boyfriend wasn’t part of the crew, but with his military background, it’s obvious why he was chosen. It’s also obvious that he wants to rekindle an old flame, but everything goes up in flames when their ship takes damage from an asteroid belt.

After crash landing on a strange planet, and realizing she is the only survivor from her crew, Kara reasons that all she can do is try to survive. This becomes simultaneously harder, and somehow easier, when she’s captured by an alien warrior by the name of Kajin. Kept essentially as a pet until his elders can decide what to do with her, Kara finds herself fascinated by the extra-terrestrial, and it seems the feeling is mutual. Taboo though it may be, the spunky astronaut finds that she may end up in a situation that is out of this world.

Prisioner X

He was… divine. No human male had ever tasted like him in a kiss before. Was that his alien nature? Was that a part of his biology? Was her reaction just because of the novelty of it?

It was all over far too soon. He pulled away from her just as she started to rock her hips against him. Almost instantly, that mind-high of a connection snapped – but only enough so that most of her rational thought came back to her. Her body was still hot, her center throbbing. If she gauged herself well… She was also embarrassingly wet. From kissing.

Content Note: For a limited time, this Collection also includes 10+ bonus stories for your enjoyment!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand-alone stories with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! These stories contain explicit love scenes and are intended for 18+ readers only.


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