How to Build a Computer – Step by Step: A Beginners Guide – Part One by Richard Callaby

How to Build a Computer - Step by Step: A Beginners Guide - Part One (How to Build a Computer Step by Step Book 1)

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How to Build a Computer – Step by Step: A Beginners Guide – Part One (How to Build a Computer Step by Step Book 1)

Buying a new computer can be expensive and confusing, there are so many options to choose. Not understanding all of the components of your computer is a huge hurdle for some. For many, the information age is passing them by, and it isn’t their fault.

Computer stores make this process even more difficult! The people who work in these stores sure don’t make the process easier, the level of apathy for their jobs makes the process painful and arduous.

You don’t even know if you are talking to someone who has the skills to guide you to make the right choice. For all you know the person you are talking to could’ve sold refrigerators the day before and this is his or her first day on the job, and he or she just has to make a quota for the week.

This is why educating yourself by learning the process of selecting your computer parts and then finally assembling them at your home is so useful. After you have learned this information, you will never feel inadequate when shopping for a computer in the future. Furthermore, you will know if the sales person is lying to you about something, that information alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future!

We all value a person who is self-reliant. Gaining knowledge and skills in all areas of life makes you a far better consumer. Learning to do this skill also makes it possible for you to build computers for friends, family, or even as a side business. Customized computers that are built for high-performance gaming is a fast growing segment of the home PC market, some of these systems will sell for $10K or more if you know what you are doing!

Listen, the techs in the store want to make this seem very difficult to do. The truth of the matter is that their very job depends on upon that fear of the unknown. However, the more people learn how easy it is to select and build your computer the faster these jobs will become obsolete.


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