Broken by Kiley Beckett

Broken (Dying For Diamonds Book 1)

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Broken (Dying For Diamonds Book 1)

Four years ago he broke her heart—now he’s coming to kill her.

She was a mob princess and I was her father’s dog. A human pitbull trained to make other men suffer. Her Papa’s enemies trembled at my name.

Her kiss ruined me. She brought me into her world. I knew I shouldn’t but I f*ckin’ fell for her. Every swell of her yielding flesh was forbidden—in my evil world love was a liability. If I loved her I knew I had to leave her.

Now we’re face to face again. I haven’t seen her curves in four years but I thought of her every day. I broke her heart but I was damaged. Now, I’m a different man. Four years in Special Forces forged me into iron.

Problem is, I came back to Chicago to kill her. Old Papa Nero passed away. Someone paid me a lot of money to end the new boss’s life. I never dreamed in a million years the new boss would be my Daniella.

The city is overflowing with killers bent on murdering my princess and putting a bullet in the coward hitman who couldn’t do it. I’ll kill anyone that looks at her the wrong way. And the devil that hired me to kill this angel? …He better f*ckin’ pray I don’t find him…

One standalone book, 77,000 words. Graphic, gritty, and oh-so-steamy. Intensity and suspense not meant for the faint of heart!

This is Book 1 of the Dying For Diamonds series. It’s not required to read the series in order of release, but it’s highly recommended for the full experience! These are interconnected HEA stories about a group of hard military men and a bag of liberated diamonds…


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