Bone Gap Road by Rodney Dodig

Bone Gap Road

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Bone Gap Road

Sheriff Rufus Alpheus Baney had applied for the job of Sheriff of Edwards County in Illinois on the recommendation of a friend. It was the fall of 1890 and the United States was in the throes of deep depression. He had moved to the prairies of Illinois in 1888 after reading a pamphlet left on the counter of a store in his home county of Shropshire, England. After looking into the area, he discovered that farm land was cheap. A result of failed farms largely due to the huge drop in crop prices.

Finding the body of a murdered girl in the woods near Bone Gap Road, he would have to use all the skills obtained from his education at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. A fan of the fictional detectives Sherlock Holmes and C. August Dupin, he imagined himself in their image. The investigation would take him down a dark path that exposed the other side of the idyllic countryside that surrounded the small town of Albion as he peeled back the layers of deception that hid the murderer.


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