The Black Hebrew Awakening And The Coming Gentile Apocalypse by Dante Fortson

The Black Hebrew Awakening And The Coming Gentile Apocalypse

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The Black Hebrew Awakening And The Coming Gentile Apocalypse

One of the biggest debates in the world is the sudden disappearance of an entire nation of people from the pages of history. What adds to the mystery is that rumors of the lost tribes began to circulate during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Dutch, Portuguese, and English maps dated back to 1710 show that Judah was located on the Western Coast of Africa, which was also designated as the “slave coast”. Then around the 1750s, Judah suddenly disappeared from all maps thereafter. But how did Judah get to the Western Coast of Africa in the first place.

According to the Bible, the Hebrews traveled back and forth between Africa and Arabia, almost always mixing with Hamites. Many scholars agree that Hamites became today’s black African nations. In addition to the above, Hebrews were mistaken for Hamites on at least three occa-sions.

•All of Israel were mistaken for Egyptians when Jacob died.
•Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian by the Midianite girls.
•Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian when he was put in prison.

Tacitus, the Roman historian that lived during Paul’s lifetime, described the Hebrews as either descendants of Egyptians or Ethiopians. Even the apostle Simeon was called “Niger”, which means “black skin” in Latin.

The truth about who true Israel is and where the lost tribes went has been hidden from the world, and this book proves that. The awakening of true Israel is happening faster than ever before, thanks to social media.

By the time you finish this book, there is no doubt that if you’re not already awake, you will be.


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