Bimbo World:: “Pilot” / “Brainwashing” by Solar Harris

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Bimbo World:: “Pilot” / “Brainwashing”

Solar Harris’ next steamy serial, chosen by the fans, begins at last!

The Company gave him the power to transform anyone he encountered into a hypersexualized fantasy version of themselves. The money was good, the perks were amazing, and Parker DeWitt didn’t ask too many questions. He just did his job.

He made girls into bimbos.

Now he’s regretting his new line of work. Before he knows it, Parker’s got a ticket to the forbidden island of pleasure his employers had him doing his "recruiting" for. The Island is full of fantasy – but a wrong move makes him one of the Island’s residents. He knows a dark secret about who is in charge of the company and what the Island is really FOR, but it’s not going to do Parker any good.Not when his powers are turned on him, rendering him female and imprisoning him in the bimbo training facility.

There’s nowhere to run. There’s nothing to do. Parker DeWitt is now a resident of Bimbo World.

**The Winner of Pilot Season, this edition collects the original Bimbo World "pilot" as a bonus value, plus the first all-new episode in the ongoing saga. If you already own the pilot, it’s free of charge. If you’re new to the series, you can jump in right here. **

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions. Themes include breast expansion, body transformation, bimbo transformation, mind control, sex toys, anal sex, oral sex, cuckolding, body transformation, erotic hypnosis, mind control, hypersexualized bodies, inflation, gender transformation, lesbian sex, brainwashing, corruption, gym fetish, lingerie fetish, and light bondage. All characters over 18.


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