Beyond the Mirror by Christine Duts

Beyond the Mirror (Aurélie)

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Beyond the Mirror (Aurélie)

Cecilia has inherited a unique talent from her family, the gift of witchcraft which can also be a terrible curse. Feared and loathed in her hometown in 16th Century Spain, she faces arrest and execution. After a daring escape, she crosses the Atlantic to flee the reach of the Inquisition, but in New Spain the home and love she finds is soon destroyed by a pack of werewolves. She can`t escape the lycans`curse, but she develops a uniqueness in her kind, with lycan strength and witch`s mind powers.

Accompanied by the quirky ghosts of her ancestors, Cecilia finds herself in the remnants of the Aztec Empire, destroyed by the Spanish invaders, and in the world of immortals. Struggling to find her way, understanding her true powers, and meeting others of her kind, she becomes engulfed in an epic journey across New Spain and Europe. Although she is still an outcast, even among her own kind, she learns that her friends are closer allies than she has ever known as a mortal; and her enemies are ruthless. As her journey leads her to her true purpose, to face the werewolves´ deadliest foe, she realizes that the one battle she has not been able to fight is the one against her own inner demons.

Cecilia´s odyssey takes us across two continents and centuries. Unforgettable characters become part of this journey, such as Hernando, the mortal man who awakens a love in her she has never experienced before; Akira, fount of the werewolves, a fierce and also noble being, and the only one Cecilia´s mind powers cannot affect; and finally, the story also brings us back to ancient vampire Lucan, and even Aurélie.

Cecilia´s tale takes the reader beyond the mirror, to face demons that do not only arise from the immortal but also from the mortal world.


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