Bess: Mail Order Bride by Grace Weston

Bess: Mail Order Bride (Brides on the Run Book 1)

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Bess: Mail Order Bride (Brides on the Run Book 1)

What would you do if your life was in danger and your only chance for survival was to marry someone you never met?

Bess Brown is on the run. She has recently become a widow but wasn’t given time to grieve. After learning that her husband was part of a New York City gang, she also learns that he owed the gang leader a lot of money – and she suspects that is why he was murdered.

When she receives a threatening message from the gang, she knows that the gang leader will stop at nothing until he gets his money, so she becomes a mail order bride and moves out west.

Though her new husband is kind, she has a hard time trusting anyone after her first husband had spent so many years lying to her. But, as he continues to prove his honesty to her, she can’t help but fall in love. Fearing what he would do if he found out her dark past, she tells him nothing – except that she was an orphan.

But when her past comes back to haunt her, Bess realizes she can no longer run. Will she have the courage to face the man who killed her husband? And can her new husband show her how to trust in love again?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Enjoy this sweet, short mail order bride story with no cliffhangers and a happily-ever-after ending. This book includes several bonus stories!


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