How to become an online language teacher by Óscar Ortega

How to become an online language teacher

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How to become an online language teacher

This book is formatted as a series of questions and answers, with a minimum of filler material. This design allows you to quickly find relevant material without wading through pages of text. The fact that you are still reading this preface means that you have at least thought about changing professions and have given thought to the possibility of a fully online career. You may already be a language instructor and are unsure of the possibility of making the transition to online teaching. Whatever your situation, the aim of this book is to provide you with clear, direct answers to the questions you have.

These are the questions answered in the book:

Questionas answered in the ebook

** Thinking about becoming an online language teacher **
Who can teach languages online?
How can I determine my aptitude for online language teaching?
What are the characteristics of a good teacher?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an online language instructor?
Do you have to be a native speaker?
Do you need a special certification or degree?
Where do you go to find students?
Do you need a social network presence?
Do you need your own web page?
Do you need a YouTube presence?
Should you create a blog?
Can you work for a traditional school online?

** All about money **
How much should you charge for online classes?
Do you have to pay taxes?
What taxes or fees does an online teacher have to pay?
Can you set your business up in a tax haven and save money?
How can your students pay?
How do you deal with students who don’t pay?
Do you have to keep giving classes to unpaying students?

** Mastering time management **
How can you communicate your availability to students?
How long should classes last?
How many classes should a student take per week?
How can you manage working across time zones?
When and how much should I work?
Are there high and low seasons for online classes?
How do you deal with late students?

** A little about technology **
What are the prerequisites for teaching online?
What application do you use to communicate with students?
How can I integrate Google Drive into my teaching?
Is it similar to give class using a tablet or a computer?
Is there value in recording your classes?
Do you need to be tech savvy?
What is the CEFR and how should you use it?
How do you decide the order of operations when teaching a language?
How do you deal with unexpected problems?
What teaching material should you use in online classes?
What types of students might you encounter?
What to do (and not do) when teaching

** The first class **
Should you offer a free class to new students?
What should you tell a student on the first day?
What should you do before making first contact with the student?
What should you do during your first contact with the student?
What happens if your student has no languages in common with you?
Are classes better with or without a camera?
How can you determine your student’s level?
How should you speak to students?
Is it ever appropriate to teach a very colloquial or even incorrect form of the language?
How do you correct a student’s errors?
How do you correct a text?
What if various countries speak different versions of your language?
Can you use videos in your classes?
What kinds of activities can you do with videos?
Should you review previously studied subjects?
Should you prepare conversation classes in advance?
Are there some taboo subjects in class?
Do you have to prepare tasks for students to complete outside of class?
What types of activities can your students do outside of class?
Is it good for students to practice with other people?
Should you be worried when students decide to stop taking classes?
How do you motivate students?
Do you have to evaluate students?

** Now what? **


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