Barefoot Bay: Flight Risk by Karen Ann Dell

Barefoot Bay: Flight Risk (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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Barefoot Bay: Flight Risk (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Argosy Charters would get a big step up into the world of the 1% from this cross-promotion with the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa. Everything is looking up for Owen’s company — until his old Air Force buddy, now an FBI agent, convinces him to help with a drug smuggler sting operation. Nothing goes as planned and the feisty brunette who is collateral damage literally falls into his arms. As a pilot in the Air Force, Owen Ziegfeld has had a bad experience with collateral damage, and he vows that this time, he’ll keep the innocent woman safe.
Miranda’s first impression of Owen Ziegfeld wasn’t a positive one. So when she finds him in her kitchen the following morning, things get physical — and not in a good way. Called into her boss’s office later, she finds out Owen is a pilot and the owner of the new charter jet service she’s supposed to hype to guests. Forced to work together, Miranda’s initial hostility fades quickly as the owner or Argosy Charters charms her with his wit and good looks.
There’s hot chemistry between them, but when he discovers that she was a pilot, now grounded by her fear of flying, Miranda worries her silence might alienate the man she’s falling hard for. A family emergency hundreds of miles away forces her to face her fears and return to the sky as a passenger with Owen at the controls. Their return to Mimosa Key is no less frightening for Miranda, but her long-repressed love of flying and Owen’s tactful support convinces her to accept help and work through the terrible accident that killed her father.
Soon Owen is drawn further into the FBI operation than he’d planned, and his concern for Miranda’s safety escalates. As the sting spirals out of control, events put Miranda back in the cockpit, while Owen fights to keep the woman he loves alive.


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