Bad Boy’s Toy: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by Nicole Fox

Bad Boy's Toy: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

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Bad Boy’s Toy: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

I’ll put a baby in the escort’s belly.

She’s a whore on the run from her pimp.
I’m an enforcer looking for a new gig.
She thinks she can use me to help her climb out of her sh*thole of a life.
But I know how much her body is worth, and I’m determined to wring it for every last cent.


Don “Daddy” Williams is a sadistic bastard.
He painted a pretty picture of his business when I first arrived, desperate for cash.
But it didn’t take long before I realized his house was the farthest thing from legitimate.
He’s a pimp, a flesh trader – not a businessman.
And he doesn’t like taking no for an answer.

So when I tell him I don’t want to sleep with strangers for money,
He drops me off at a rough roadhouse with no protection.

I was about to get manhandled – or far, far worse…
Until Ford showed up.

The hired thug might be my only chance to escape.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to make it to Hollywood.
Even if it means letting him own me completely.


I was sick of my life.
Sick of hurting people.
Sick of stealing.
And most of all, sick of working for an old fox like Daddy Williams.

I want out.

But the future seems bleak, until a little gem named Micah catches my eye.
She’s in way over her head, and without me, she’s dead meat.
I lend a helping hand and get her out before something bad happens.
But she’s no fool – she knows I want something in return.

Her body.

I take her over the hood of my car, in a diner, in a filthy motel.
And when I find out she’s stolen from me,
I chain her up in a dungeon and make her beg for my forgiveness.

But when I hear that Daddy desperately wants his best working girl back,
I’m forced to make a choice.

Do I sell her back to the violent sex trafficker?
Or do I keep her for myself?


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