AWAKE: The Five Secrets To Control Your Own Life For Millennials by Janis Butevics

AWAKE: The Five Secrets To Control Your Own Life For Millennials

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AWAKE: The Five Secrets To Control Your Own Life For Millennials


1. How your life will change after setting goals;
2. Why you have to set your goals;
3. Steps you should follow so you can create them;
4. Exact plan how to reach them;
5. What goal setting plan worked best for me;
6. Why you have to gain new knowledge;
7. How you can acquire knowledge with best learning techniques;
8. How gaining new knowledge changed my life;
9. Why you have to invest your time, your money in yourself;
10. Best ways how you can invest in yourself;
11. How you can develop your skills;
12. Results I got when I changed Tv for books;
13. Why it is important to have a mentor;
14. How and where you can find them;
15. My personal experience with mentors;
16. Why you have to surround yourself with right and successful people;
17. How to check if you are surrounded by negative or positive people right now;
18. How you can find them;
19. How I found them and how they helped me to get into next level;
20. Why you have to take action;
21. How you can take a tiny step immediately;
22. How taking action gave me the biggest life opportunity, so far, and how it will give you yours too;
23. Habits of highly successful people.

… become like a magnet. The bigger they are, the stronger they are, the stronger they pull. They pull you through all kinds of work, all kinds of nights, and all kinds of difficulties. You will have a much easier to survive next winter, if you have set goals.

Know what kind of places you want to visit, people you want to meet, skills you want to develop, fortunes you want to make. Know exactly what you want and when you want it in your life. If it all becomes powerful and clear, and you’re on your way, no matter what happens, these goals will pull you through. You won’t be lost in the middle and you will always know what to do next! How? Because you will be awake and see beyond!


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