Authentic Content Marketing: Build An Engaged Audience For Your Personal Brand Through Integrity & Generosity by George Kao

Authentic Content Marketing: Build An Engaged Audience For Your Personal Brand Through Integrity & Generosity

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Authentic Content Marketing: Build An Engaged Audience For Your Personal Brand Through Integrity & Generosity

What if you could love marketing, by finding a way to do it that aligns with your higher purpose and values… and have more of your ideal clients as a result? This is what you’ll learn by reading this book.

“George Kao simplifies the art of marketing for solopreneurs and small businesses. He has a deep understanding of how to reach out and engage clients in the spirit of caring and generosity. This book, Authentic Content Marketing, is more than a marketing guide — it’s an evolutionary approach to serving in the world with integrity, love and truth.”
~ Fiona Moore, Transformative Mentor and Healer

"So many marketing programs simply extract value. They are short campaigns that add no value to customers in any way. Authentic Content Marketing presents the exact opposite approach, delivering real value to customers, which create real relationships with customers over time. The concept is simple, straightforward…and the best news is that it works!"
~ Joe Pulizzi, Founder of The Content Marketing Institute; Author of four best-selling books about Content Marketing

In this book, you will learn:

● Four Principles of Authentic Business
● Three Stages of Content Creation
● How to get clear on your purpose for creating content…
● How to choose which content format (writing, video, audio, etc.) is right for you?
● What to say in your content?
● Writing your Client Stories / Case Studies
● Getting comfortable with making videos
● Keyword Research
● How I overcame 30 years of writer’s block
● Creating your Transformational Framework
● Which content should be Free versus Paid?
● The Path To Awesome Content
● Practical ​Tips for Making Your Content Great
● How To Spread Your Content
● Keeping Track of Your Best Content
● Creating a rhythm of content sharing that works for you

By applying what you learn in this book, you will have a solid plan for doing marketing in a way that feels great to your spirit, and attracts to you the most ideal clients for your business.

"How do you succeed in business (like, actually) without selling your soul (even a little bit)? George Kao is one of my most trusted colleagues. He constantly tests and experiments and pushes the boundaries of business to figure out how to make it more ethical, honest and generous. I love this man’s work dearly and refer to him often."
Tad Hargrave, Founder,

“George boldly paves the way of the future for internet marketing in a way that dissolves fear and fuels love on the planet. A must read for spiritual entrepreneurs who are here to build community and make a difference with their craft.”
~ Claire Shamilla, Energy Healer

“If you’re looking for a truly complete guide to building an authentic and joyful online coaching business then this is the first book you need to read! George has spent years researching, testing and implementing his own authentic business and this book has everything you need to get started. Invest in this book, and give yourself the gift of a business you love!”
~ Andy Burton, Author, Speaker & Dream Goal Coach


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