Assassin of Dragonclaw by Lucas Thorn

Assassin of Dragonclaw (Nysta Book 7)

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Assassin of Dragonclaw (Nysta Book 7)

Seventh in an ongoing Fantasy Series, ‘Assassin of Dragonclaw’ continues with another story of violent action, foul-mouthed wisecracking heroine tougher than Conan, and oddball mages with a penchant for mass destruction. Following in the steps of the Gray Mouser, Elric, Druss, and many more heroes of Sword and Sorcery, the elf called Nysta will carve her own epic path.

And that path will be bloody.

“Tell you who she is, Herder. Nobody. That’s who she is.”
“Nysta,” Myrna choked out. Eyes wide and glistening. “Nysta…”
“Kind of like living here, Myrna.” The elf turned her frown toward the barmaid. “And I’m a bit short of coin right now, so ain’t sure I can afford more of a mess if you’re gonna charge me every time a bit of blood gets on the floor..”
She tried to speak, but Wolfgang tightened his grip. “Shut it.”
“Sorry, Myrna?” The elf let the smile curl into a cruel line. “Didn’t hear you.”
The woman’s eyes lit with fire and she spat quickly between breaths; “On the house!”

The Jukkala’Jadean taught the art of murder in a city where savagery knew no equal. In Lostlight, Nysta had killed for her King as one of the Jukkala’s most deadly assassins.

She’d worked in stealth with shadow as her ally. Ruthless and silent, Nysta had never known failure.

But that was long time ago…


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