The Ark of Alliance by Scott Kotrous

The Ark of Alliance (The Ark Series Book 3)

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The Ark of Alliance (The Ark Series Book 3)

First came the terrorist attacks. Then came the zombie-like plague of the Infected. Finally, the bombs flew. The Apocalypse has come and gone, leaving the United States in chaos.

One of the few who prepared for this eventuality, John Angelite used his considerable resources to build the Ark, a shelter for his family and anyone else he could save. The Ark is all but impregnable—a trait John would normally appreciate.

Trouble is, John’s not in the Ark. Instead, he and a small group of survivors are barricaded in a nearby house, hunted by both the US military and the bloodthirsty Infected. On the other side of the blast doors, one man has the power to save John and his companions—or bring the entire Ark crashing down around them.

John Angelite originally built the Ark as a haven for his family in the event of a national disaster. He had hoped it would never be needed—but in the aftermath of the Apocalypse, no choice remained.

Now, John and his companions Maggie and Peter are locked out of the Ark and on the run from not just the rabid, zombie-like Infected but also the military, who want in the Ark for their own purposes.

As John struggles to find a way back into the Ark, Peter’s father, Simon, is forced to work for Major Alec Stevens—at least until he can find the means to escape and reunite with his son. With only a makeshift fence protecting the military from the Infected, Simon’s chances look slim.

Inside the Ark, an increasingly erratic Adam pursues his own agenda—one that involves John’s wife, Kate. Letting John back into the Ark would jeopardize Adam’s plans. As far as he’s concerned, it would be much better if John were no longer in the picture.

The Ark of Alliance, the thrilling conclusion to the Ark trilogy, continues the saga begun in The Ark of Asylum and The Ark of Attrition.


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