ANNULUS: A Sci-Fi Action Thriller by Gentry Race

ANNULUS: A Sci-Fi Action Thriller (The Cyberratum Series Book 1)

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ANNULUS: A Sci-Fi Action Thriller (The Cyberratum Series Book 1)

The technological singularity has begun.

In the late 21st Century, mankind trades in its flesh for regenerative bodies even as the Earth is scorched by the Sun. A mysterious movement seeks to hide psychological disorders that might prevent their own ascension on a space station encircling Earth.

Solari, a hard-hearted PSYOP officer, must find the source of this new illicit drug that interferes with the bureau’s tracking. But when the drug causes already strange abilities to physically manifest into terror, she must form an alliance with an enemy to find a way to destroy them, and essentially herself.


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