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Angular Router Jumpstart (Angular University Book 2)

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Angular Router Jumpstart (Angular University Book 2)

This book is aimed at developers that want to get a deeper practical understanding of the Angular Router, and Single Page Applications (SPAs) in general.

If you have been trying to learn quickly the Angular Router and have been having some difficulty finding out how to use the Router configuration to implement some very common navigation scenarios, or would like to know from scratch how to create the navigation system of an application using Angular and Bootstrap, then this book is for you.

What is the core value proposition of this book?

Sit down in one evening with this book (this Jumpstart is condensed to 53 pages), and learn the key aspects of Single Page Applications and the Angular Router in one read. What you will learn in this Jumpstart Guide is the equivalent to many hours of experimentation and numerous long stackoverflow sessions.

Setup quickly a rock-solid navigation system for your application that just works, so that you can focus on the many other things in your project that need your attention.

This guide also includes a section where we will build the navigation system of a small application using Bootstrap 4, and an introduction to the benefits and the likely future of Single Page Applications.

Why a Fast-track Guide to the Angular Router?

The Angular Router is extremely powerful and supports a very large variety of navigation scenarios with just a few key concepts: Routes, Paths, Outlets, etc.

These configuration concepts are so powerful and generic, that it might not be initially apparent how to use them to implement some very common navigation scenarios, that in previous router implementations actually had their own configuration elements: Child Routes, Nested Child Routes, Auxiliary Routes, Side Menus, Master-Detail navigation, etc.

All these scenarios will be covered in this book and more: we will make the mapping between the more general routing concepts to those very concrete and common use cases.


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